It’s Not Too Late to Protect Against Measles

Recent pop-up measles vaccination event at Hovingham Primary School a great success.
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At a recent Coffee Morning at Hovingham Primary School, Feel Good Factor’s Beverley Gilbert, our Enhance Development and Support Worker, told parents about the NHS measles campaign over hot drinks and cake.

Parents were invited to come in to school and have their children vaccinated if they hadn’t been vaccinated as a toddler.

These events pop-up in schools and other convenient places to encourage groups that are less likely to get their jab to come forward.

Beverley said “The School Nurse Team, who were doing the vaccinating, told us it was the best reception they had had in any school since the campaign started.”

Information was available in several languages and interpreters were on hand to explain the campaign to parents.

Measles is not just a childhood disease and can be serious at any age. If caught during pregnancy it can be very serious causing stillbirth, miscarriage and low birth weight – NHS bosses are urging young adults to catch up on any missed doses before thinking about starting a family.

Two doses of the safe and effective MMR vaccine are needed for maximum life-long protection, with the first dose given around the child’s first birthday, and the second dose given at around three years and four months old.

However, anyone can catch up at any age on any missed doses and it’s never too late to protect yourself.