The Enhance Project

Helping to build confidence through regular contact and befriending.

The Feel Good Factor Enhance programme offers tailored help to people supported by the Chapeltown Neighbourhood Team and other professionals, to help people (aged 18+) resolve issues that may be preventing them from being independent and socialising with others.

The programme will take self referrals as well as referrals from organisations who may be working with you already. We take anyone over 18, and although you may have heard about Enhance in relation to people coming out of hospital you don’t have to have been recently discharged from hospital to receive this service.

Beverley Lock,  Feel Good Factor Enhance Development and Support Worker, has many years’ experience supporting families from diverse backgrounds on a one to one basis, she says, “I look forward to visiting people in their homes. I’ll be assessing the need for support, checking safety in the home and developing a plan of action directly with that person. I’ll also offer one to one  support to resolve any concerns or issues they may have. The main aim is to help to build confidence through regular contact and befriending, linking with social and community activities to help to improve health and wellbeing.”

In brief the Feel Good Factor Enhance programme in Chapeltown will offer:

One to one support for up to 12 weeks to help people resolve issues that may be preventing to be independent and to socialise with others.

Home visits for face to face regular contact, and wellbeing checks.

Checking the home environment is safe and suitably heated.

Our home visits help us to build a relationship and monitoring wellbeing, we can see if the home environment is safe, suitably heated, that there is enough food in for a healthy diet. We can work with other agencies too, to make sure things are safe, e.g. West Yorkshire Fire Service where needed for home safety checks. We can help with access to white goods or furniture when in need.

Benefit checks are so important to make sure people are in receipt of the correct benefit. We can refer to the DWP, Welfare Rights and Money Buddies. We are also able to support the visually impaired or people that struggle to understand official letters, by reading them with you. We’ll make sure you have everything covered with issues related to housing, finances, food parcels or vouchers, Green Doctor, wellbeing, IT support, mobility (pendant alarm referrals).

We can refer on to the appropriate services for those with sensory impairment to possibly have support equipment installed in the home.

We can also provide access to groups and activities to improve social interaction and build confidence at Feel Good Factor and beyond, including joining in with physically active groups such as chair based exercise, Tai Chi and other movement groups. Alongside that we understand the barriers to social interaction and accessing transport and help with that.

Soo Taylor, joining Beverley as Enhance Development and Support Worker says: “Having recently joined the Enhance project, I am looking forward to working with people in the Chapeltown area, supporting them to feel safe and independent in their own homes, helping them to keep connected with things that are happening in the community, and supporting them to stay healthy and mobile. I have been with Feel Good Factor for over two years now, I have a good knowledge of local services and organisations that can help people with their health and wellbeing, and will always focus on what is important to the person I am supporting.”

For more information please contact:
Beverley Lock / Soo Taylor
Enhance Development and Support Workers
Beverley Lock 07593 436607/Soo Taylor 07702 869453
Feel Good Factor, 53 Louis Street, Leeds, LS7 4BP

Download a copy of our leaflet here.


Page image: Melanie Stander Unsplash