The SWIFT Service

‘Thank you so much, you have made me feel part of the Human Race’

The SWIFt service has now closed.

The SWIFt Service in Leeds supports wellbeing and independence for people aged 50+ living with frailty or who have complex health issues and who are at risk of being socially isolated.

At Feel Good Factor our SWIFt Wellbeing Co-ordinator Beverley Lock works with people living in the Chapeltown area who are at risk of becoming increasingly isolated, disconnected from their community and are in need of some support.

Beverley says, “Feel Good Factor is well known for working closely with people to improve their lives. We offer a helping hand, practical interventions and emotional support over a range of activities such as social groups, the gardening group, Tai Chi, chair based exercise, arts and craft and more. The SWIFt Service helps people to plan small changes that will improve lives. Sometimes they just need a little bit of help to take the next positive step towards making a big difference in their lives. But, whatever they need, I am here to work with them to identify goals, and to reach them.”

Beverley would love to hear from people themselves, or on behalf of a loved one or on behalf of a neighbour. She can offer a variety of support including telephone assessments, signposting, information and referring to other agencies, and she will help with access to services and other solutions that are relevant to each individual through a co-produced Action Plan.

Beverley continues, “The important part of the SWIFt service is the one to one support I offer. I don’t simply signpost people on to other activities, but I am by their side every step of the way helping to identify goals in an Action Plan produced with the service user, and then supporting them to making it happen.”

Working with the individual, Beverley will help them tackle issues that are holding that person back, that could be loss of confidence, loneliness or isolation, limitations through disability or recovering from illness, with the ultimate aim of supporting service users to become healthy, active and social.

The SWIFt project has been running city wide for the past two years and Beverley has many years’ experience supporting families from diverse backgrounds on a one to one basis.

If you are living in the Chapeltown area and are aged 50+ and in need of SWIFt support, or you know someone who is, please contact Beverley Monday-Wednesday 9-4.30pm and Thurs 9-12.30pm as follows:

Beverley Lock
SWIFt Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Telephone: 0113 3504200
Mobile: 07593436607
Email: on

You can find out more about the SWIFt Service beyond Chapeltown at the Age UK website here