Volunteering Application Form

  • Your Availability

    Feel Good Factor is happy to accommodate a variety of volunteering time commitments relating to the availability of volunteers and the needs of the various volunteering roles/projects within the organisation. However, some roles including internships will have specified time commitment expectations and Feel Good Factor expects all volunteers to make a reasonable commitment to attendance during their time as a volunteer, as outlined in our Volunteer Agreement. Please ensure you can meet these expectations outlined within the volunteer role description before you apply. Please state your availability in the relevant boxes below:
  • We hope that volunteers will come from a wide range of different backgrounds and bring many different skills to the role. Feel Good Factor is also committed to supporting and developing volunteers within their role. Feel Good Factor will assess the skills and suitability of the individual in relation to the role they are applying for. Please use the box below to tell us why you are interested in being a volunteer, what personal qualities, skills or experience you would bring to the role, and what you would hope to gain from your time as a volunteer.
  • Criminal Convictions

    We need to ask you about any unspent convictions as part of our duty of care. A criminal conviction will not necessarily prevent you from becoming a volunteer at Feel Good Factor; the decision will depend on the type of offence and its relevance to the volunteering role. Some roles will also require a criminal record check. If you do have any unspent convictions please include details in a sealed envelope when you return this form. If you would like to discuss any convictions you may have, please contact the person who will be your supervisor in the volunteering role. All information will be dealt with confidentially and in line with our Data Protection guidelines and policy. If the role is eligible for an DBS check then you will be advised and Feel Good Factor will pay for the check.
  • Please provide details of two people who we can contact to provide a character reference – you cannot use family members.
  • Please include: Name, Address, Occupation, Telephone Number & Email Address
  • Please include: Name, Address, Occupation, Telephone Number & Email Address
  • The information detailed in this application form will be used in Feel Good Factor’s Recruitment and Selection process. The equal opportunities form is for monitoring purposes only.
  • Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form

    Feel Good Factor is committed to equality and diversity across it work and in employment practices. We will assess applicants for roles without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age, health, religion or belief or any disabilities. The information given on this page will be for monitoring purposes only, and will be detached from the application form upon receipt. Only in cases where the post is specifically for a worker from a particular racial group, religion or gender will the information regarding racial group, religion or gender be referred to. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO COMPLETE ALL OR PARTS OF THIS FORM YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO SO. ALL INFORMATION WILL BE TREATED WITH THE UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY
  • Please state below