Tai Chi

“…afterwards I always feel so grounded and ready to tackle life as it comes.”

“…afterwards I always feel so grounded and ready to tackle life as it comes.”

Tai Chi

Every Monday  
10:00 - 12:00 
Roscoe Church Hall 

Chapeltown PCN and Feel Good Factor Coffee Morning and Tai Chi.

Come and join us for coffee at 10am, and followed by a friendly and gentle exercise class at 11am.

Every Monday you are all welcome to join us at our friendly and gentle Tai Chi exercise class.

The cost is £2.50 for the class, and we meet at Roscoe Church Hall, Francis Street, LS7 4BY.

With recognition from Active Leeds, Age Friendly Leeds and Is it Fall Proof? you’ll be in safe hands!

We hope to see you there soon.

Contact Beverley on 07702869457 / Beverey.gilbert@fgfleeds.org to book your place or find out more.

Here are some quotes from our happy participants:

“I have gained many benefits from attending your Tai Chi classes over the years. Through your excellent guidance, I feel physically fitter and stronger. It’s also a very good exercise in mindfulness because concentrating on the exercises doesn’t allow our minds to wander & you often remind us about that. I am in my late 70s and would thoroughly recommend your invaluable classes and hope that I’ll be able to continue them for a long time.”

“I always finish classes feeling more ‘at myself’ – both physically and mentally -than when I began, and encouraged”

“It’s an adventure and a challenge: classes – teachers and students – are welcoming, purposeful and enjoyable, and I feel the benefit in body mind and spirit.”

“I feel Tai Chi improves my balance, both physical (really important for us elderly people) and mental balance; it gives me stamina and calmness, it improves my breathing (I’m asthmatic; at the last check my doctor was actually very impressed with how well I breathe, taking into account my asthma and my age), my posture is better, I can stand on one leg for a long time (somewhere they said that it’s an important sign which tells you are going to live longer), I’m getting suppler, I used to have lower back pain and now it’s almost a gone thing, so have the headaches (due to stiffness in the neck and the shoulders) gone also, and I’m getting through life much more calmly and composedly than before. And I’m always looking forward to get to the class – besides all the benefits, every Tai Chi movement we do there is so full of grace and beauty. And afterwards I always feel so grounded and ready to tackle life as it comes.”

“The class offers me a holistic approach to my well being. It helps me improve and maintain my mobility, strength and health through the various techniques of movements and breathing.

I always feel energised and a sense of calm after each class. I believe through the Tai Chi movements my positional vertigo has diminished. One other thing I value is the various massages we do. The warm up prepares you well for the movements and my balance has improved.”