"This has given me strength"

As an older gentleman from the B.A.M.E community I have been struggling with the ongoing news that I have more than 50% chance of catching this virus. This has made me even more frightened to go out even for exercise.

I live on my own and have done so for a number of years, and I would class myself as an isolated person which is why I started to attend the Men’s Group at Feel Good Factor a number of months ago.

I became involved as one of my few friends was actually attending and assured me of the social fun it brought for him.

The Men’s Group have given me a voice with my peers who are going through the same or similar feelings as myself. I am not one to mix with the public anyway which is why I obtained an allotment space.

Being involved with the Men’s Group I quickly realised that these guys had their own problems with society and my problems could be worked on. The support I have received from the group has been second to none.

During the locked down period I have received well-being calls from the group to check up on me, this helps me to keep in contact with the guys and keep up to speed with quizzes and a whole range of activities the Men’s Group put on.

I have heard of online courses to promote positivity rather than this depressive news that tells me to stay indoors.

This pandemic came and cut me off from the only small group of friends that I have and left me excluded, if it wasn’t for the men`s group face time calls, I wouldn’t know how to deal with this situation. This has given me strength.