Cookie Baking Carers

A quick, simple and tasty idea to offer a little respite to carers
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Our Community Builder Hiesha has come up with a quick, simple and tasty idea to offer a little respite to carers. Hiesha is working in the Harehills area to support carers from BAME communities as part of Connecting Communities. The aim of this work is to enable carers to access activities and provide them with a short break from caring.

Hiesha says: “During the pandemic it’s been hard for everyone but especially carers. It’s usual that they haven’t had time out at all from their caring role – some might have been isolated for the whole of the last year if they are looking after a vulnerable family member. Many still don’t have the confidence to leave their own home to engage in activities or meet in small groups. This fun project is a way to focus on something fun and share the experience with others living similar lives.”

Unpaid carers can apply for a Cookie Baking Kit. The kit contains ingredients and a detailed step-by-step intruction guide, the kit can be delivered or picked up. Then pictures are shared via a WhatsApp group or Zoom or they can be emailed to Heisah. All you need to do to get your pack is contact Hiesha,, tel: 07701338841.

The Cookie Baking WhatsApp group gives carers a chance to build their own confidence and also build relationships within a group. They can engage with other carers at a distance without feeling that they have to put their family at risk. The group provides them with a support network of people that are in the same situation as them where they can share conversations. Baking the cookies and sharing their baking journey with the group helps to share experiences and build relationships with a lighthearted, and tasty project, with the hope of later down the line (after July) they will have formed bonds with people in the group and will want to meet at a park for a coffee or walk. The group provides each other with relief and a task to concentrate on which is fun.

The link for the WhatsApp group is here, and you can find out more about Connecting Communities here.