More about Valerie...

My name is Valerie Francis also known by most people as Val. I am married with two grownup children, one female one male and I have one grandchild.

My background is in Nursing. I have worked in various hospitals around the country caring for patients with different health needs. I was a Registered Manager at the UCA House Care Home, which was managed and owned by United Caribbean Association with Anchor Housing.

I was also a Practice Teacher for students undertaking the Social Worker course at University, who was on placement in a residential care setting. I was a member of the Leeds Health Care Promotion scheme looking at high blood pressure and coronary heart disease in Black and Asian people.

I have a BA in Health and Social Care Management.

I have sat on several Community Organisational boards, looking at Health and Social Care in the community. Prior to retiring, I worked as a Compliance Inspector for over 20 years within several inspection units, the last being the CQC (Care Quality Commission).