"Feel Good Factor has blessed me by looking after me"

In the beginning of lockdown, I felt ‘how am I going to do this’. I like being out and about, always going to groups, going here and there. Some family of mine got locked down 3 weeks before here (UK), so was warning me to go and do shopping, stock up – I didn’t understand. I did the shopping but didn’t understand what lockdown was going to mean.

When lockdown happened, I didn’t go out, I just stayed at home. I am surprised how quickly I accepted lockdown. But I reached a point where I thought I can’t do this anymore.

It was then I set myself a goal – I set myself the challenge to knit 100 puppets for children. When I had run out of materials to do this, I moved on to knit cloth and wash bags. This helped me stay at home. If I get the virus, living alone, I have no one to look after me. I need to stay at home. It took me time to process this information.

Now I am finding things to do. The weather then warmed up, I can sit in the drive again, my neighbour drops a meal off for me, I try new recipes out. I’ve got FGF staff team calling me, and I’m taking advantage of doing the cleaning at home.

Feel Good Factor has been supporting me. I go to the Saturday social group online and I think back to when I first arrived at FGF and believe I recovered because of FGF. I remember Ben from The Reginald Centre signposting me to FGF and I was welcomed, I had coffee, some fruit. It helped a lot. I can’t explain just how you have helped me. I would have gone into a deep depression without FGF. I miss the groups; I miss the people, but people call me. FGF has blessed me by looking after me.