"The groups became part of the family"

My lockdown experience has that it’s not been as bad as people say. The worst thing has not been seeing family and friends, especially when they are sick, and you can’t visit them.

Also, I’ve trying shopping online, but it takes a month to get a slot, but once it arrived and I had almost run out of food it was good.

I don’t find I’m bored, always something to do – even sitting at the front of the house on a chair in the sunshine now, you don’t have to put yourself in danger. You can exercise in your own home, running on the spot for example.

Not being able to come out has had a big affect. I have missed it so much. Loved the groups and things we can do- for example, knitting, sewing, jewellery making etc.

I miss Feel Good Factor terribly. We have family with us, but not really with us if you know what I mean. The groups became part of the family we have.

We have jokes and laughs and it is really welcoming.

I miss it.