More about Chris...

I am a Canadian with 30 years’ experience in leading human security and humanitarian-development-peacebuilding strategies and high-level diplomatic initiatives for international NGO’s, Red Cross, United Nations, governments, academia and research centres in over 50 countries.

I have directed emergency humanitarian actions in 17 wars and two disasters in Europe, Africa and Asia and from headquarters in another 55+ crisis states. My diplomatic experience has involved working in capitals and across +70 countries and global fora: UN Security Council; UNGA; OECD-DAC; EU/EC; G7-G8-G20; BRICS; WEF Davos; OSCE; ASEAN; AU; Organisation of Islamic Cooperation; Lusophone; Commonwealth; Francophonie; etc.

I joined the Board of FGF in 2021, after working with FGF and other civil society groups in Leeds on their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am very interested in FGF’s community work to improve access to public health and wellbeing opportunities in order to strengthen communities and really enjoy supporting their work.

I have a variety of governance experience and have been a member of 17 other Boards and Advisory Committees. These experiences have given me skills in: governance, leadership, management and administration; deciding policy and strategy; representation; accountability; resolving tensions; and advising management, clients and stakeholders, which I hope can assist FGF in supporting vulnerable and marginalised communities.