Acceptance – A Poem

Recently one of our Service Users wrote us a poem.
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“I’ve had amazing support from tutors, staff and other participants. Creativity is so good for mental wellbeing. Thank you all for helping me through a very difficult part of my life. Never underestimate the power of being accepted just as you are.”

That Service User is now going back into employment.

Here’s the poem:

I walked in nervous and scared
Knowing no-one and no-one knowing me
I took a deep breath and dared
To open the door, go in and see
I found the most amazing folk
Who welcomed me with open hearts
No title, no questions, for we were all broke
Then anxiety and fear departs
Being accepted just as you are
Is more powerful than I ever knew
Regaining your life and your self may seem too far
But never underestimate the power of being just you.