Yoga Shine Saturdays - put a shine on your Saturdays with our new Yoga Shine online class.

These classes are for beginners and very friendly but advanced yogis will find benefits too. In each class, we will explore the element of Earth, Water, Air and Fire and also reflect on certain areas of our life. Annemarie loves to combine Yin and Yang flow in the practice as through this combination you can understand your body ability and mobility. Saturdays at noon.

Find out everything about Yoga Shine Saturdays here.

Gentle Chair Pilates - gentle seated exercises will help mobilise your joints and strengthen your muscles and bones.

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining strength as you age and it also improves brain function and helps to protect memory and thinking skills by promoting blood flow. The session will help you improve your relaxation skills which can lead to better sleep and increase your energy levels. Tuesdays 11am.

Find out everything about Gentle Chair Pilates here.

Please click on the links above to find out more about both classes. If you would like to know more email Milly Rohman, or call Milly on 0756679404.

You will need a laptop / tablet / smartphone with Zoom downloaded to take part in both.