A practical, online, creative and  fun course involving discussion, tutor instruction, demonstration and practical crafting.

Explore the value and possibilities of upcycling, sustainability and resourcefulness in craft.

Learn about how a few simple adaptations, additions & techniques can transform household waste into fabulous, useful and beautiful items.

In session one we will be making beads from paper and considering different ways to use them in jewellery or other projects. Come with your old paper which might otherwise go in the bin – old brochures, magazines, newspapers, paper bags or junk mail – and a few simple supplies to create your own, unique set of beads. From here we will select projects for the remaining sessions according to group members’ interests and access to materials. This could include rag rugging, patchworking, woven magazine bags and placemats, plastic bottle vases, coiled paper bowls, tin can lanterns, junk jewellery or cardboard box stationery.

Start Date/ Time 14/01/2021 – 25/02/2021 Thursday 11.45 -13.45 Course reference C3679096

Tutor Rachael Gorton

To enrol please quote the course reference either online at enrolonline.wea.org.uk or by ringing 0300 303 3464

Please note: If you receive certain benefits you may be entitled to a free course