Some of our Saturday Social Club members recently enjoyed a residential trip to the Northern College in Barnsley to study Stress Management and Stress Awareness. They selected the courses to help manage their levels of stress and learn new coping skills, mechanisms and techniques.

Shabana Kosar, Choices Co-ordinator says: “The aim of the trip was to build confidence in our service users around accessing courses and activities they might not normally have the chance to be part of. We want to open up new horizons to new opportunities, to encourage meeting new people and develop new friendships. Seasonal Loneliness is not just for Christmas, the socially isolated can also be affected during the long summer period where usual routines can change as people go away on holidays. Throw the Covid pandemic into the mix and we have a big problem, levels of loneliness already challenging some of our service users have increased tenfold.”

Feel Good Factor service users thoroughly enjoyed their course and stay at the Northern College and are now pressing for another chance to go there. Many of those who experienced the weekend would not have had the confidence to organise or access this on their own, but this unique learning experience has given them much more than they could have anticipated when they first signed up.

Our Saturday Social Club meets every Saturday from 11:00am-1:00pm fun, games, chat in the FGF Garden or online depending upon the weather. Please contact Shabana for further information tel 07523 515267 / email

Northern College is an adult residential college based at Wentworth Castle in Barnsley. Visit their website here.