The Orion Partnership – Engaging people and inspiring communities

The Orion partnership is a consortium of Feel Good Factor, Shantona Women’s Centre, Space2 and Zest Health for Life.

Four like-minded organisations based and working in East North East Leeds to promoting inclusion, tackle social isolation and reduce health inequalities.

All the work the four organisations do both individually and collectively aims to help reduce social isolation in the most deprived communities we serve.

The Orion Partnership is currently funded to run:

1. Mens Health Development work – employing a Men’s Worker to identify need and develop work to respond to this need. Through this work we are applying for funding to develop a Men’s Health and Wellbeing Programme running four groups for men across culturally diverse groups, focused on highest priority areas. Men taking part in a number of activities and interventions including creative arts, walking and gardening cooking and conversation.

2. Modern Living – a technology project for the over 60s. Helping older people use and engage with technology in a way that is appropriate to them.

3. Love Food Hate Waste – delivering a series of fun interactive and practical workshops working with communities to help reduce household waste.

Quotes from our communities that demonstrate that all our work contributes toward promoting inclusion and tackling social isolation

“Going on family walks made me and my daughter so happy. We learnt new ways to make walking more fun and active and really put it into practice (running, catching and searching for things) so now we look forward to getting out together more. I came to know people through the walks, we even exchanged numbers and still talk now, so I really got a lot from it. The children got to know each other too and my daughter now plays with children from her school that she never did before, it’s really

“We’ve worked out the three of us are all going to go and pay our bills together at the beginning of each month, then go and have lunch (at one of the group’s house). He cooks a great pie, nice and cheap. We all chip in for that and all the bills are paid so we’ve nothing to worry about.”

“I really enjoy helping here. I know that at least for the couple of hours that I’m here, that I’m not going to be at home sat on my backside thinking “I could be doing this or
that but I can’t be bothered”. I’m keeping really busy for a couple of hours a week.”

“I like coming out here as I know I have to come every week, and I find that helps me get motivated. And because I’m motivated to get out here, I’m motivated to do other stuff.”

“I do feel good about myself now. I’ve met lots of people and learnt new skills which is what I wanted. One day I might be able to get a job, if I’m ready.”