ChihuahuaWe’re looking for volunteers from the Chapel Allerton ward to help us on Mondays with various activities supporting people in the community (also Chapel Allerton ward) through the Voluntary Action Leeds Community Care volunteering scheme.

More on the Community Care volunteering scheme here.

The time commitment we are looking for is usually 30-60minutes and each volunteer is supported on the day by one of our staff members, with Voluntary Action Leeds providing training (all online) to prepare the volunteer . The sorts of tasks included walking dogs for those that are shielding/self isolating, doing shopping or delivering food parcels and picking up prescriptions from a local pharmacy. All locally.

Travel expenses are paid and no cash is handled and social distancing takes place throughout the process to keep everyone safe.

There are similar opportunities across the city if individuals live outside this area and you can find out more through the VAL website.

Apply online here and we hope to start our week with you soon!

Image: Chihuahua Osca and new BFF Sheridan who have had a lovely time together when Sheridan joined our Community Cares volunteering programme.