I really enjoyed the Cook4Life course. I was hoping to gain more confidence in the kitchen as I knew I should cook from scratch and eat more healthily but wasn’t sure where to start. I had a very small group of vegetables that I cooked with and knew it wasn’t enough but didn’t know how to prepare any others and didn’t want to do it wrong and waste food. I also wanted to learn to make better food choices.

The course taught me knife techniques and used recipes that introduced lots of new vegetables. I learnt how to prepare them and different and simple ways to cook them so I could start getting more vegetables into my diet. We learned about salt and sugar content of food and I was slightly dismayed to learn how much sugar there is in apple juice when I have been known to go through a box in a day! I now think more about food as I thought I was being healthy but actually wasn’t. This course has given me the information needed to help me to make better choices.

I feel much more comfortable and confident in the kitchen now I’ve done this course and I have some good recipes to work from. I have been given examples of how to adapt them and experiment with food and have discovered that I really enjoy it and now am looking up more recipes to try.

My health and wellbeing has improved as I am getting more vegetables in my diet and feeling healthier. I always thought that meat was necessary to make a meal complete but some of the recipes on the course were vegetarian and they are just as good and make getting 5 a day in a lot easier.

I cook a lot more now that I know how quick and easy it can be. I can make a healthy meal from scratch in the time it takes for a take away to arrive at my door so it’s not the long difficult process I thought it would be when I used to opt for take out and ready meals. It’s cheaper too!

I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to gain confidence in the kitchen and wants to learn how easy it is to have a healthier diet. I would encourage anyone considering the course to go for it. You won’t regret it!