rose&sallyMeeting Rose and Sally in the garden at Feel Good Factor as they were harvesting potatoes put a smile on my face; they both welcomed me with a smile and a chat about Yorkshire Puddings. They are both members of the gardening group which runs every Wednesday. They started to talk about how they had met at Head Space and how their friendship had blossomed.

Sally is 39, a teacher and head of the department of social sciences and she also has a degree in Psychology.  In 2014 she started experiencing extreme anxiety due to pressures at work and as a result she had been off work since September 2014. (Sally is now back in full time employment)

After accessing a CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) seminar and then a Well at Work course, which was difficult to get to due to its location, Sally came across the information for the Head Space course which was starting at Feel Good Factor, this is where she met Rose.

Rose is 72 and a retired Commis Chef, who has worked in the catering industry all her life and lives in Chapeltown. In 2014 she fractured her leg and was stuck indoors, she became depressed. Her GP referred Rose to a gardening group but this ended after only 6 weeks. She then heard about the Head Space course, this is where she met Sally.

Sally and Rose soon became good friends and both really benefited from the course and from supporting each other. They both joined the gardening group together at Feel Good Factor.

They now meet up regularly, attending Money Matters, go shopping and generally spend good times together and both look forward to a long and lasting friendship.