Najma Bibi took part in the Let’s Talk Money course at Feel Good Factor, May 2012

Najma writes:

I enjoyed being with a group to discuss ideas around budgeting, looking for deals, which is nothing to be afraid of. Due to the credit crunch we have to conserve to make money go further and enjoy life at the same time. You don’t have to be tight to make your money go far! You’d be surprised how much fun you can have on a budget, you will try things you hadn’t tried before!

On the Money Matters course, I learnt how to find the best way to look for deals. I found advice on where to go for further information. I learnt to recognise spending habits and areas to improve.

It helped me prioritise essential and non-essential categories. It helps you manage the credit crunch a lot better!

Her tutor, Esther, writes:

Najma was a fantastic addition to the group doing Money Matters. She shared lots of useful advice and tips with others from the group, and particularly recommended the Green Doctor service to us.  Green Doctor assesses your energy use, helping to identify how you could be using less and saving money. It was great to set up an additional week on the programme for the Green Doctor to come in and talk to the group, and as a result 5 people booked appointments with the Green Doctor to visit their home with others planning to book appointments at a later date also thanks to Najma!