I first heard about the Money Matters course through Leeds City Council, being a new arrival in the UK and having worked in a bank back home, I was keen to hear more about the course. Although I was responsible for setting budgets for the bank in my home country, this is a different thing to setting a budget for yourself! I wanted to learn how to put the theory into practice.

On the course I learnt how to plan my budget and was given information and advice I would have found impossible to reach without being part of the course.

As a result of the course, I am now able to keep track of my spending. This helps me not exceed my monthly income and avoid any debt.

I am also part of the Migrant Access Project, which is how I found out about the Money Matters course. As part of this project, I am a messenger back to my community, so I have also been able to pass this information onto this community, who otherwise would not have been able to access this information.

Not only this, but I had a visit from the Green Doctor service, who have now fitted insulation into my home, which has made the house a lot warmer as well as helping the environment and saving some money!

What would I say to someone thinking of coming on the course?

They have to come! Not, they should come, but they have to come! It’s a really amazing experience to be part of the Money Matters course.

“The course not only affects individuals, but society, and encourages us to make better use of the resources we have”

His tutor, Esther writes:

You were was a fantastic part of the Money Matters course in Chapeltown. So enthusiastic throughout the programme, and it’s great you’re still building on all you learnt on the course.

I’m pleased to hear how you benefitted from the Green Doctor service as well as Leeds Let’s Get Active after the course was completed. Great to hear that you can save £60 a month on gym membership just by making use of the free slots at his local leisure centre through Leeds Let’s Get Active- brilliant!