I’m a local person and worked in a hospital most of my life. When I retired from nursing I worked for National Express. I heard about Feel Good Factor about 6 years ago from a friend. She had done the Community Health Educator Course and encouraged me to go to it too. She said it was really beneficial and that you could get work from it too. I was very quiet back then. I couldn’t talk to people or say anything. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge back then but doing the course empowered me a lot.  I wanted to meet people, make new friend and boost my confidences. I met a room full of people I didn’t know but as time went on I opened up. Meeting lots of different people broadened my outlook.

I’m full of life now, there’s no holding me back from speaking up. I can’t believe it myself sometimes. I’ve made lots of friends.  I started going to the swimming sessions too and learned to swim.

Now I’m a volunteer for the Busy Fingers group, showing people how to knit and helping others to learn a new skill. I’ve been to lots of talks as part of FGF and been part of a listening group.

Even though my health isn’t too good, I have picked up. Come and meet new people get new ideas and make new friends because that’s what it’s done for me, I’m sure that it’ll do the same for you.

I don’t feel down now. I’m full of confidence. I’m proud of doing the CHES course and that I did it well.

Next I’d like to work with an undertaker bathing people and making them look nice for their family members – it’s the last thing you can do for anybody.

Amarjit – Feel Good Factor
Mavis has done so well and the confidence in her is very apparent. It’s lovely to see her sharing that with other people. We’re very lucky to have her as a volunteer here and hope that we can support her in any way we can.