My placement at Feel Good Factor was such an eye opening experience. I saw how just a few people can make such a big difference in people’s lives with their projects focused only on the community and how much they are all willing to help have made me excited about helping others myself, regardless of people’s background, believes, age, gender or disability. I have also developed many skills I never knew I had, such as confidence to speak in front of a mixed audience with a wide age range or culturally different, respecting people’s habits, to be creative, to have initiative, to get along with everyone always respecting them and creating a friendly environment.

What I most liked during the time spent at the organisation was the different types of tasks everyone did, it is not a only one project focus or only one thing you do over and over, but you are constantly changing and updating in order to give people the right information and that was so important to make everyone enjoy their work by keeping them busy in a unpressurised environment.

I have participated in Children’s Cooking Sessions, Family Cooking Sessions, Health Kick Project, Money Management Course and have attended meetings where I could see the progress of people that have been in courses at FGF and how they helped people to become more confident, healthy and happier.

I have nothing but to thank Feel Good Factor for the opportunity of my experience and for how welcoming and soft hearted they all are and I would encourage anyone from anywhere to volunteer because the more you help others the better you feel about yourself and Wellbeing, Health and Learning is all Feel Good Factor is about.