I really enjoyed the Cook4Life course, meeting you and the other participants and learning different ways to chop vegetables for roasting and frying.  I have even shown the bridge and claw techniques to my friends.

We were taught how to cook a variety of healthy foods such as butternut squash, couscous, chilli and home-made burgers, with rainbow salads and fresh herbs and spices.  I was so inspired by the butternut squash soup that I dug out my hand-held blender, went shopping for the ingredients and followed the recipe at home on a winter’s morning in December!  I have also since tried making a chilli and a spaghetti bolognese from scratch.

We also learned about saturated fats, carbohydrates, the salt and sugar content of foods and were given plenty of healthy eating hand-outs and recipes.  I found these particularly useful and do consult the food labels regularly in the supermarkets, checking out the sugar and salt content of breakfast cereals, breads and other foods.

I am slowly starting to gain more confidence in the kitchen, and have even attempted to cook a healthy meal for one of my friends.  I have started to ask friends and family for their cooking tips and I also research easy healthy recipes on the internet.

I have already recommended the course to someone who wanted to know how to prepare and cook vegetables and I have introduced more variety into my diet by trying different types of meat and fish, roasting a variety of winter vegetables and eating warm salads.

I would personally like to thank you for your patience during the course – I know I asked a lot of questions – particularly about how long to cook things and at what temperature.

My main reason for joining the course was to learn how to cook healthily and I certainly feel that I have achieved that, so thank you to all at Feel Good Factor for providing an informative and interactive cooking programme, and inspiring a novice like me to experiment in the kitchen.