Carol is a Community Health Educator (CHE). She is in her mid-40’s and lives her husband and two teenage daughters.

One year ago Carol was regularly seeing a health trainer to help her lose weight; Carol also regularly suffered from depression. Carol works part-time as a housekeeper in a local hospital and has always had an affinity towards older people.

“I was working with the health trainer and she suggested I apply for Feel Good Factor’s CHE course . I worked with older people and was finding that I was going into work when I wasn’t being paid. I found it really easy to make them smile. I have always had an interest in older people. When the health trainer suggested it she really couldn’t have come up with anything better.

I found the course difficult, but now I really feel I’ve achieved something. I’ve not got good GCSE’s but now I feel more confident and able to take on new challenges. This course helped with my depression immensely.

The course and the Active in Age training has really given me an interest in health. The work I have done with older people, especially the physical activity training has really whetted my appetite and I want to learn more. I still need to lose weight, but the work has opened my eyes more. I realise being healthy is more than about  weight, I feel better doing activities and realise I need to set myself goals. I have started to exercise again.

Every day is a challenge; you don’t know who you’ll meet. Working as a CHE has really increased my confidence and I feel like I’ve achieved something. I feel a lot more independent and don’t have to rely on others, for example now I drive anywhere. Now I’m leading sessions, whereas 6 months ago I would have expected other people to lead the sessions and that feels great!

I am much more confident about my new people. I know now to just be myself and not try to be someone else. I also feel like I have made friends since starting the job. Even my sister has noticed a change in me. I even practise my activities with my family asking them ‘what do you think of this movement? I feel I can overcome any challenge”.

“I have recently come back to Feel Good Factor after a long illness and I am so glad to be back”