Me and my mum started on the Change4Life programme because we needed help with the amount of food we were eating and the amount of snacks I was eating. Before Change4Life I used to eat a lot of chocolate and I couldn’t control myself. You helped me by giving me an alternative to my fizzy drink like coke which I’ve swapped to cordials now. I don’t even feel like eating the unhealthy foods I used to eat.

I started to feel good about myself and feel like I am trying more. My mum was happy too that I have been trying to lose weight. Some of the things I have achieved are, drinking a lot more water, reducing unhealthy meals which I really liked before and keeping busy so I don’t feel as hungry.

At the beginning I was really shy and felt I should tell you what you wanted to hear instead of the truth but now I am truthful to you and myself. Before I was really lazy, even if I wanted a drink I’d ask someone to get me it but now I help others instead if they want something and it’s good for me because it helps me to stay up and about. Because of Change4Life I am a lot more active and do a lot of dancing.

I’ve been trying to cut down and have made my portions smaller. Now if I’ve had a burger I think – I’ve had a burger so I won’t have it again until next week. Now I can’t even eat a full burger, only half and I used to eat one and a half! I don’t even eat pizza even though I used to really like it and they always have it at school. Now I can turn down food but before I would eat it in a minute. I thought I’d be hungry all the time, looking for chocolates in the cupboard and wouldn’t be bothered with fruits. I even ask for water instead of other drinks now when I go to other people’s houses.

I’m happier than before, I used to eat and then regret it. 

The three things I want others to know are:

  1. Cut down on unhealthy foods like crisps – it’s not going to fill you up you’ll feel hungry in half an hour.
  2. Check you’re portion sizes, you might be eating more than you should (I really cut down, I used to feel really uncomfortable after eating sometimes being sick).
  3. It’s for yourself, it will make you happy. Do it for you, say to your heart that you can do it and you will do it!


Next steps:
I want to keep dancing and try to become a professional dancer. I will try to keep doing the things I’m doing now and try to have breakfast too – a light cereal.

Amarjit her Change4Life worker says:
ou have had an amazing journey becoming healthier and more confident, I’m very proud of all the hard work you’ve done, it’s really paid off. You seem much happier and you’ve achieved the goals that you set yourself. I’ve really enjoyed coming to work with you, you’re dancing skills are outstanding and I know that staying healthy will really help you in your dance career. You have a lot of motivation and commitment so I know becoming a dancer is something that you can do!