We got to know about the Change4Life service through school. As a family we needed help with our unhealthy snacking. Amarjit our Change4Life worker gave us help and guidance, she encouraged us, it gave us a boost to try, and we thought ‘yes, we can do it!’

Change4Life has helped us to control our eating. We’ve got a better understanding of snacks like crisps which are high in fat and salt. We’ve cut down on crisps and chocolate. Now we feel disgusted by how much we used to have nearly everyday and how much oil and sugar we had. We’ve started to read the labels on food now.

After agreeing our targets with Change4Life we cut down on unhealthy snacks and swapped to fruit and healthier snacks and have become more active.  Now we go to the Change4Life activity sessions and don’t eat crisps. We’re surprised how much we’ve cut down on sweets and fatty foods – we have more will power now. Everyone in the family is improving and we want to weigh ourselves again.

Some of the things we want others to know are:

1. It’s easy if you have faith in yourself

2.Believe that you can do it

3.You have to concentrate and focus on what you’re eating and how to change it

Next Steps:
We’re going to make a plan and do a table. We want to keep sticking to what we’re doing and keep improving, doing more outdoor activities, walking, going to the park and going to see family.

Amarjit their Change4Life worker says:
I know that you didn’t think you could do it at first and that you have been really surprised at how much you have achieved i. I am so pleased with what you have accomplished and that you have made such a big difference to your snacking and eating habits. I love your new ‘Can do’ attitude. I think it will take you far in accomplishing some of the goals you’re setting yourselves in being more physically active. Well done for trying new things, I am very excited for you and what you can achieve.