JackieGriffithsOne of our service users, Jackie, tells us in her own words what it means to be part of Feel Good Factor…

I just was aware of Feel Good Factor about 10 years ago when I decided to do a Community Health Advisors Course led by Jackie and Zobi. I found the course fascinating, full of information and really interesting – I loved it. I also loved meditations led by Jackie to help deal with any stress we might be feeling.

I subsequently led a walking group and took part in advertising the chest “If you’ve had a cough for over three weeks get it checked out at hospital” campaign, which was very successful. I’ve also assisted on stalls, giving hand massages, and promoting the work of Feel Good Factor at outside events.

I can truly say that Feel Good Factor has changed my life (and I tell everyone so). It provided a springboard for me through the many classes I have done I then encountered East Street Arts who were running some of them. The quality of the teachers is also fantastic and I have gone on to do pottery, sculpture and art classes which I love. The teachers at both organisations are amazingly helpful and allow you to develop in your own time.

The one greatest thing it has given me is more confidence, which impacts on every aspect of my life. I feel my happiness level out of 10 is really high. I have been taught about nutrition by Feel Good Factor and the wellbeing I feel from my daily walks is amazing and I exercise every day.

I sing regularly, even when I am alone, and dance to music with my best friend. All aspects of my wellbeing have been enhanced by Feel Good Factor.

My next goal is public speaking which I have just done for the first time with Keri on one of my sculpture courses.

I should also add that I have always been impressed by the staff at Feel Good Factor, they are unfailingly polite and cheerful and their total commitment to the community has reaffirmed my own commitment to the community as they are inspiring. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

Jackie Griffiths, April 2017