Put a shine on your Saturdays with our new Yoga Shine online class with tutor Annemarie Hlavocova.

These classes are for beginners and very friendly but advanced yogis will find benefits too. In each class, we will explore the element of Earth, Water, Air and Fire and also reflect on certain areas of our life. Annemarie loves to combine Yin and Yang flow in the practice as through this combination you can understand your body ability and mobility.

The first part of the class will be Yin postures, we will spend 2-3min in each asana to connect our body and breath. The second part of the class will be Yang practice, where we will awaken the energy for the day and get into the flow.

Closing the practice with Yin practise and a short meditation to settle down the practice.

Yoga Shine takes place on Saturdays 11am – 12 noon via Zoom. There will be 8 week blocks but you can join anytime. These sessions are FREE. Everyone is welcome.

If you would like to take part please email Milly Rohman, milly@fgfleeds.org for the Zoom access link/code. Feel free to call Milly on 0756679404 if you would like to chat about these sessions. 

You will need a laptop / tablet / smartphone with Zoom downloaded. A cleared safe space, a mat or towel and comfortable clothing.

More about your tutor
Annemarie Hlavacova says: “I am a yoga teacher. I believe that yoga is for EVERYBODY and that is how I approach my classes. I started my yoga journey seven years ago, and I have to say that yoga saved my sanity many, many times. For some reason, you can find answers on the mat or during the meditation rather than overthinking it in your head all day long.”