Money Matters is a four week course all about money management which helps you get to grips with your finances.

“I was interested to find out more information about how to manage the money and how to save money and conserve energy. I really enjoyed the course as there were a lot of ideas being shared on how to manage money better. I got to know a lot of new websites and information. It was simple, fun and informative.”

We promote the next round of the free four week course on our news section and our facebook and twitter so keep your eyes peeled, or let Esther know you are interested (please see contact details below) and she’ll alert you to the next one. We can also deliver this course to your group please contact us below for more on that.

Small changes, big savings!

The course will include how to make the most of your money including:

* Better budgeting

* Save on shopping

* Eat well for less

* Energy switch and save

All this and more over coffee, light refreshments and good company.

To find out more, or to book your place, please contact Esther on 0113 350 4207 or email

“I have enjoyed the course very much. It’s made me more aware of financial areas where I could make positive changes and still survive!”

More about Money Matters

During the Money Matters course we will be looking at budget planning, saving on your gas and electric bills, cutting down your food bills and sharing lots of useful tips to help you save money by the end of the course.

The course is a great way to build confidence in a friendly, small group environment. With plenty of fun, interactive activities and lively discussion, there is something for everyone on this short course!

We can run this course for any groups, it is suitable for anyone of working age, if you would like to book this for your group please get in touch, otherwise look out for our next course dates.

For more information contact Esther 0113 350 4200