Bringing out your feel good factor! A space to relax, enjoy, have fun, make new friends and learn new skills.

Every Tuesday from 1-3pm at Feel Good Factor 53 Louis Street or online, depending upon Covid restrictions. All are welcome (over 18 years) to this relaxed and informal Men’s Club, with activities designed around you, your skills and interests.

Some feedback from current users.

‘During the pandemic you are always guaranteed a laugh every Tuesday’

‘FGF men’s group is a chance for men to be themselves without restrictions to political correctness’.

‘At 96 years old it keeps me in touch with all the other men and gives me something to look forward to. It also keeps my mind active and hopefully we will be able to meet up soon’.

What sort of thing do we get up to? Well…

Visits from experts
Building a shed
Visiting museums and galleries
And much more…. Including Chuckle Corner where participants bring their best joke of the week and there’s a prize for the winning joke.

Free to all ages. You can come along any time, it’s free! Connect Men’s Club is open to any age above 18.

For any further information contact Aulson on tel: 0113 3504200 / mobile: 07593436608 / email: