Our latest phase of Healthy Lives, Healthy Homes is up and running with plenty of activities for the over 60s.

Chair Based Exercise
Reginald Centre, 263 Chapeltown Road, LS7 3EX. Mondays 10.30 -11.30am. £1.50

Would you like to join our new singing sessions? Our dementia friendly sessions welcome anyone over 50 who wishes to come and exercise their vocal cords and sing songs from your favourite era. Starts Friday 13 October 1.30-3pm at New Testament Church of God, 3 Easterly Road, LS8 2TN. £1.50. Call Hiesha 0113 350 4200

Back on Top
Dealing with a long-term health condition? This course will help you to feel fitter and more energetic. Starts Tuesday 26 September 1-3.00pm at FGF for 7 weeks. Call Zobi 0113 350 4200

The Complete Retreat
Come and learn about the health benefits of aromatherapy and massage for long-term conditions. Friday 10am-12pm at FGF for 11 weeks. Call Zobi 0113 350 4200

Seated Energy Moves
Gentle movement class for those who want an alternative to a traditional ‘exercise’ class. FREE. Monday 11.15am-12.15pm at Mary Sunley House, Banstead Street, Leeds, LS8 5RU. Call Zobi 0113 350 4200

Tai Chi with Lishi International
Dementia friendly low impact but effective exercise using mind-body co-ordination. Starts Tuesday 10 October 11.30am-12.30pm at Button Hill Community Centre, LS7 7DA. Take the small road at the side of Kalabash, Chapeltown Road. Entrance is opposite 24 Button Hill. £2.50. Call Hiesha 0113 350 4200.

Peer led support groups
These groups can offer people with long term conditions benefits such as emotional support, assistance in management of health issues, links to community resources, medical help and ongoing support. Call Hiesha 0113 350 4200

These events are all dementia friendly with enough time allowed for settling in, breaks and socialisation. If you would like to ask any questions or find out more about how Healthy Lives Healthy Homes might help you or your family please contact Heisha or Zobi on 0113 350 4200.

Find out more about Healthy Lives, Healthy Homes here.